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등록날짜 [ 2008년11월25일 13시19분 ]

F-22에 비해 F-35 정비시간 단축 잇점이 크지않다

1시간의 비행시간 마다

단지 25분의 "스텔스성 유지" 정비시간이 더 적게 소요될 뿐

F-22보다 F-35가 LO 정비시간에서 더 잇점이 없는 것 같다는 보도가 있군요

AVIATION WEEK  보도원문 바로가기 클릭

F-35가 정비성이 상당히 더 뛰어난 것으로 알고 있었는데 약간 실망입니다.

근데 다시 한번 읽어보니 이 정보는 LO 정비 그러니까 "스텔스성 유지"와 관련된 정비를 뜻하는

듯하니, 전체 정비 시간에선 어떤 차이가 나는지 위 자료가 설명하지 않는 것 같군요


아래 원문

Pentagon under-secretary for acquisition John Young said on Thursday that the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will require a great deal of extra maintenance work on its stealth or low-observable (LO) features.

Actually, he didn"t intend to say that. Young, who along with deputy defense secretary Gordon England has been resisting attempts to extend F-22 production, preferring to concentrate on the new F-35, was in fact criticizing the Raptor"s operational availability and maintenance requirements, with specific reference to its LO systems. It"s something that"s been reported here earlier this year, with some very interesting comments.

But LO maintenance issues with the F-22 raise concerns about the F-35. It"s not just that the LO design philosophy of the F-35 is based on that of the F-22 (it is) or that the same people designed the LO systems (they did) or that the materials, coatings and seals that make it up are built in the same place (they are).

It"s that, by design, the F-35"s LO maintainability targets are only a marginal improvement on the F-22 - as visible in this chart from an April 2007 F-35 briefing:

On the one hand, the F-35"s goal is to take less than half the LO-related maintenance of the F-35. However, that difference is small relative to the big advance that the F-22 was supposed to represent over the F-117, and both are regarded as "fifth generation". There have been improvements in materials, but the biggest single effort has been to make LO systems compatible with a carrier-based environment.

Overall, the F-35 is expected to need about 25 man-minutes less LO work per flying hour than the F-22 - which is not a lot, and could simply reflect the fact that the F-35"s single exhaust is much simpler than the two 2-dimensional vectoring exhausts of the F-22.

So if the F-22 is needing much more LO maintenance than expected, it seems that at least some of those problems - severe enough that in Young"s view they militate against building more F-22s - would be reflected on the very similar F-35.

KDN 자주국방네트워크 박수홍


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